• In commercial refrigeration, like anywhere, time is money. This is especially true if you have a piece of equipment that has a prolonged downtime that is beginning to impact sales! 

    In the sector of refrigeration, having a commercial fridge that isn't functioning to its maximum can show hugely steeply-priced very fast. In this article, we will present you 4 signs that indicate a possible problem in the Commercial Refrigeration industry:

    1. Temperature

    2. Build-up of ice

    3. Lightning problems 

    4. Compressor

    Also, you can check our Display Fridge offer:

    • Multideck

    • Grab and Go Fridge

    • Patisserie Display Fridge

    • Serve Over

    • Counter Fridge 

    • Drinks Fridge 



    The main function of a commercial fridge is to preserve chilled meals and drink in the first-rate circumstance possible. With this in mind, the temperature of your refrigerated display cupboard has to be one of the first tests that you make to get sure that your products are being kept match for public consumption. 

    A commonplace false impression is that the temperature of a commercial refrigerator can simplest be too hot, but this is not the case as they may be too bloodless too! By having a temperature lower than required, your food will take time to defrost whilst with the consumer.


    With this in thoughts, we advise that you check your chiller with a thermostat to see it's far at the ideal temperature, which for pre-chilled food and bottled liquids is +1°C – 9°C. If your temperature is extensively above or beneath those figures then you must call a specialist in commercial refrigeration repair.

    Build-up of ice

    If a commercial fridge will become too bloodless in its temperature and reaches beneath 0°C then ice will begin to appear. This indicates that your refrigerator is too bloodless and will need searching. 

    This may want to be due to an evaporator fan that isn’t strolling properly and accordingly inflicting this construct up, require a defrost either with the aid of yourself or a technician.


    If you see that only part of the evaporator coil is affected by this, then you can have a low charge on your fridge. You will need to call a repairing service. 

    Lightning problems 

    If you see any troubles with the bulbs in your commercial fridge then it is essential to get them checked out directly away. As they are not the handiest affecting your fridge’s performance but additionally its usability. 

    This will probably power away potential clients who see a display fridge that doesn’t work because it decreases the reliability of their eyes.

    Before replacing any bulbs, make sure which you know precisely which one your fridge requires. 


    It is important to keep on top of checking your commercial refrigerator’s compressors as they may be used to keep your food chilled. The maintenance guiding principle time among checking your compressor is generally 90 days. As, on this time, unknown dirt, grease or even hair can discover its manner in there! 

    First of all, cleaning is very important to maintain your display cabinets in good conditions. Then, you must test the temperature of your compressor to make sure it is preserving the cabinet cool.

    Our commercial refrigeration offer


    Display Fridges are the ideal answer for all kinds of catering businesses. ECO-Fridge glass front chillers have their structure made with premium components to a high specification, creating sturdy chillers.

    Multideck Fridge


    Multideck Open Chiller category forms the house of the ever-present glass front fridge merchandiser up and down the country. Multidecks provide a good way to present and sell a comprehensive range of products in preferably chilled conditions.

    The size of the multideck you pick out represents a critical aspect. The smaller unit has no greater than 600mm longer, and the biggest version has 1800mm in length.

    Numerous functions are positive when deciding on a display fridge: detachable backside plates to provide easier cleaning access, glass facet panels to grow presentation and income, shelf risers for preventing products from falling off onto the store floor.


    Plug-in equipment is less high-priced to buy maintaining the initial fees at a low stage.

    When running noises are out of the premises, there is little threat of complaints out of your neighbours.

    No making plans permissions are required for integral commercial fridges. And this consent may be needed once in a while for remote cabinets.

    In the maximum of the cases, plug-in models are typically dependable while maintained and serviced adequately.

    Grab and Go fridge


    All Grab & Go units have a sophisticated air curtain system, which recycles the cold air. Otherwise, the air is usually wasted in conventional designs.

    In conclusion, this makes them some of the maximum sustainable and Eco-friendly devices to be had.

    With the choice of solid back or rear glass doorways for the workers loading, our Grab and Go chiller constitutes the highest popular units on the market.

    Suitable for packed goods and liquids, our shelves are available in a wide location of shapes, sizes and capacities, for any catering environment. 




    The size of the multideck you select is very critical. After all, you need something to in shape into the to be had area for your store. The larger dimensions provide a bigger potential location available for offering merchandise. 

    Capacity additionally dependents on the quantity and configuration of shelves that every unit holds.

    With a comprehensive range of sizes, shapes and capacities every company will find right here the correct solution to their wishes. Our Grab and Go fridges have dimensions from 600mm to 1200mm longer. 




    A Grab and Go multideck needs to provide the best temperature to keep the food in perfect conditions. In this manner, it's going to entice customers with its excessive impact glass display. The temperature range can be dictated by using the goods you wish to presents.


    The temperature stages are: -1 / +7 C.

    Patisserie Display Fridge


    Patisserie fridge cabinets perfect match in restaurants, schools, cake and patisserie environments. Our top variety of cake chillers have complete glass surrounds to view the goods from any angle. 

    Our patisserie chillers offer to present the sweet cakes attractively. We offer the precise selection of cake presentations to be used in a patisserie, bakery, coffee shop, or tea room. 




    Our exquisite cake fridge comes in an elegant silver-coated metallic finish by default or in Stainless Steel at the premium range. With a comprehensive area of sizes and capacities, every environment from cafe’s to cake shops will discover the right way to their requirements.

    Our patisserie display fridges have dimensions from 600mm to 1200mm longer.

    Serve Over


    Catering Serve Over Counter will attract your customers to your store to buy. More than this, our awesome display refrigerator make certain you maximisation the income of your foods and drinks. 

    However, the functions provided by way of our counter make it an extremely good piece of catering gadget for a comprehensive range of takeaway environments. Also, it’s able to retain food and drink chilled for very long term periods. 

    So, having products attractively displayed directly in front of clients encourages up-income in line with the customers. A not unusual sight in canteens, delis and supermarkets, the Serve Over represents a stylish way to display an extensive range of products. 



    Mobility: Whether you need to exhibit meat or different chilled merchandise, those mobile counters are perfect. In addition, they may be transported everywhere is needed.

    Visibility: Serve Over combine a relaxing display chiller and a huge top-counter on which scales, tills, or similarly presentations can be placed.

    Slimline: each of our counters can match via a doorway of popular length. Even so, the slimline fridges come with a large show deck that maximises their interior vicinity. 




    A Serve Over display needs to offer the right temperature. Consequently, it will keep the freshness, moisture and flavour of your goods and could tempt customers with its high impact glass display.

    The temperature tiers are 0 C to +12 C.

    Counter displays


    Double Glazed Counter Fridges best fit in patisseries, cake shops, and cheese shops. Besides, with features like the top components, double glazed glass, the chiller is to be had in a range of different sizes and are suitable for all kind of establishments. 

    With the bonded shape and double glazed rear doorways, the counter displays offer the best thermal efficiency. More than this, they in shape for displaying desserts and different patisserie merchandise. 

    The compressor with integrated controls presents ventilated refrigeration at every shelf stage to keep an ideal temperature throughout.

    Eco-Fridge Counter Top Display Fridge form one of the highest satisfactory cupboards with its exceptional functions. In addition, this counter-top refrigerator fits for presenting food and drink. Also, it may take a seat on top of your new or existing counter fridge. 

    Whether you promote desserts, fruits, or cheese, its full display will invite your clients to shop for it.

    Drinks Fridge

    From our Standard Upright Chiller to the Premium half-size back bar cooler class our units ideally fit for pubs, clubs, shops, cafes, canteens, takeaways and more. We stock single door and double bottle chiller presentations in lots of shapes, sizes and functions.

    Drinks chiller displays represent the correct manner for cooling beverages and other drinks, fascinating providing and enticing to shop for extra. 

    Do you own a bar, pub or bistro and choice to offer flawlessly chilled beverages to your customers? Eco-Fridge UK gives a proficient and stylish range of bottle coolers. Above all, if you have a small or large business, a bar fridge will successfully fulfil your commercial enterprise requirements.

    Above all, to preserve beverages reachable and reliable our bottle fridge is a must in restaurants and bars. That’s why we’ve attempted and examined in other famous pubs or bars all our display chillers within our variety. 

    So, we assure you that they're capable of maintaining up with the rigorous surroundings. With certainly one of our pinnacle-performer drinks refrigerator, you’ll serve each beverage fresh, and this may allow your customers satisfied.


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